Artists for A Pristine PlanetAloha!
I’m delighted you’re here and am glad to meet you!

This Site is dedicated to the cleaning up of our planet. We’ve made one heck of a mess, and if it isn’t rectified, I believe we’re in deep doodoo – and not just figuratively.

Right now, one of the worst tragedies (in my humble opinion) resulting from our habit of easy throwaway products is the mess we’ve made on the beaches and in the oceans.

We’ve created it by thoughtlessly discarding millions and millions of plastic drinking water bottles – and other stuff like plastic bags and Chlorox bottles – a day.

In the US alone, we are purported to discard 18 million plastic drinking water bottles a day. A DAY! I can’t even visualize that many, can you? We also ship tons and tons of it to India – uh…what are they supposed to do with it all? Why are we loading our trash on other countries?

According to NoahsNotes.com, it can take up to 450 years to degrade a plastic dinking water bottle. Other sites suggest up to 1000 years for thicker plastics. Oh woopteedoo – we get crapped up oceans for longer than we’re alive? Yugh. I object. Strongly.

I invite you to write comments here and on the fan page – I love your ideas and participation – it can get lonely in the studio, and I love having you visit here! See my fan page HERE.

Can you help me find these things?


Other artists who will create similar fan pages and do their own 100-Day Paint for the Planet. Maybe you! What kind of art do you do? What kind of art could you get kids to do? Your family?

Or maybe you can dance for the planet. Or write for the planet – you get the idea – and donate a portion of your proceeds to the organizations that are taking real action. Please copythe idea of what  I’m doing here!


People who want really beautiful 9″ x 12″ original paintings and want to buy them for only a hundred bucks to help support bolstering awareness and taking action to clean up our plastic drinking water bottle mess. If you know people who love art and love to buy it, who love the planet and want to help, please share this Fan Page with them. Thanks!

I appreciate YOU, your friendship and your sharing this page with others who care!

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