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You’re Always With Me: Painting #66!

Artists for A Pristine PlanetYou’re Always With Me: Painting #66!

I’ve sailed all over the upper eastern coast and across from Hawaii to California, and looking back, I can’t think of one time when I didn’t feel the Presence of That Something.

That huge Something people call god and all the other names…I could feel it – it just was always there.

Still is.

On the trip across the Pacific, when I’d be sitting on the bow of the boat at 5pm, with dusk beginning to sneak its way in, the dolphins would come out of nowhere to dance and leap and sing all around us for about 10 minutes – and then poof! They’d be gone.

How did they Know when 5pm was? How did they Know where we were? That was over 25 years ago, but so clear in my memory….

This is a diptych, meaning two canvasses make up one painting. They will be sold together! This is a heavily textured painting.

ORIGINAL: Get the 12″ x 9″ original acrylic painting: email Lyon at and let me know you want it.

And if you miss getting the original of You’re Always With Me, get a fantastic, high-quality print of it here:

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Painting #30: Hokulea, the Pride of Hawaii: Polynesian Voyaging Canoe

Artists for A Pristine PlanetSOLD. “The Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) was founded in 1973 to carry out an experiment that would help answer some questions: how did the Polynesians settle the far-flung islands of the mid-Pacific – by accident or by design?

“Did their canoes and their knowledge of navigation enable them to sail purposefully over the vast sea distances between Pacific islands?

“PVS began with the building of a replica of a Hawaiian voyaging canoe, Hōkūle‘a, launched in 1975, to explore the seafaring heritage and the voyaging routes of our ancestors….”

Excerpt above from PVS’s website. Read and find out more here:

I’ve been watching Hōkūle‘a and her trips across the waters since she was first launched, and it’s a privilege to paint her. I’ve wanted to for years and years and just never did. Here she is.

HELP ME SUPPORT CLEAN OCEANS! This is an easy wayt to do it and get something beaulitful for your efforts. What do your regular charities give you back? Nothing! You get an original, print or mousey pad from me and I take a percentage of the purchase and make a donation to StoryofStuff. Pretty cool.

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Painting #21: In My Dreams

Artists for A Pristine Planet

SOLD. Painting #21: TITLE: In My Dreams.

This is Evening Star. She belongs to someone I know, and when he took her down the east coast on one of the Atlantic yacht races, boy did I drool with envy! One day…in my dreams!

The original is SOLD! Thank you!

Did you miss getting the original?

Get a giclée print (a giclée is a high-quality print on canvas – you almost can’t tell the difference between it and the original) here:

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This would make a really beautiful card or poster for your yachtie friends – or to add to your Treasure Map….

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