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Almost Across the Line: Painting #55

Artists for A Pristine PlanetSOLD. Almost Across the Line: Painting #55! Every evening I hear/see the outrigger canoes racing up and back down the canal behind my house.

From little kids to men in their 70s, it’s always exciting to hear the clank of paddle against hull, the “HUT” cry of the steering guy, and the shuffle of hands and paddles as they shift from paddling on one side to the other. Here, they’re almost home, almost across the finish line as the sun sinks….

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Painting #21: In My Dreams

Artists for A Pristine Planet

SOLD. Painting #21: TITLE: In My Dreams.

This is Evening Star. She belongs to someone I know, and when he took her down the east coast on one of the Atlantic yacht races, boy did I drool with envy! One day…in my dreams!

The original is SOLD! Thank you!

Did you miss getting the original?

Get a giclée print (a giclée is a high-quality print on canvas – you almost can’t tell the difference between it and the original) here:

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This would make a really beautiful card or poster for your yachtie friends – or to add to your Treasure Map….

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