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Red Night: Painting #48

Artists for A Pristine PlanetRed Night: Painting #48.

What happens when you hate what you painted and start to paint over it? Sometimes it gets better than it was in the first place.

That’s what happened today. I felt like a mush head all day – by Friday, if I’ve been going over my limit of an hour or an hour and a half for a painting – like I have this week! – I end up exhausted.

I started to paint a rag-tag combo of Rousseau-like elements, and got about half done and hated it.

Artists for A Pristine PlanetSo I painted it yellow, and then a coat of magenta…and all of a sudden, the mood shifted…it was sweet…and I liked it!

So I added a few more elements and presto, it was done! I like it much better than the painting I had planned, too!

Here’s what the pillow looks like, and the painting is shown here in a frame for illustration purposes only – frame NOT included.

This one was painted in acrylics on heavy watercolor paper mounted on a 12″ x 9″ canvas.

ORIGINAL: Get the 12″ x 9″ original acrylic on canvas painting of Red Night: email Lyon at and let me know you want it.

PRINTS & GICLEES: And if you miss getting the 9″ x 12″ original acrylic on canvas painting of Red Night, get a fantastic, high-quality print of it here

MOUSEY PADS: You can also get a gorgeous, gem colored mousey-pad here:

PILLOWS: You can also get a beautiful, comfy Throw Pillow here:


Adoring My Dream, Painting #39

Artists for A Pristine PlanetSOLD. Adoring My Dream,
Painting #39.

I know, how many times a day do you go around holding a giant fish to your heart?

But what if that was Fish the Dream, the one you never ever want to have swim away?

What if it was the Perfect Dream for your life?

What if, when you hold it close, everything is Just Right? That’s what it’s like to live your Dream – everything seems Just Right.

If you missed getting the original, you can get posters, greeting cards or really beautiful prints on canvas or paper of Adoring My Dream here:

Don’t have room for a painting or
print? The holidays are coming – I invite you to get a beautiful Mousey Pad (14.95) of Adoring My Dream here:

And I liked this one so much (again!) that I made a throw pillow out of it – this would be a great pillow for coaches and therapists! Get one (24.95) here:


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