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Painting #10: Ko’Olina Afternoon

Artists for A Pristine PlanetKo’Olina Afternoon. Painting #10.

This is one of the most popular snorkeling spots on Oahu – easy to see why.

I wanted to do this view because I had never painted palm trees before, and it scared me to death. Came out OK, methinks.

To get this original 9″ x 12″ painting, just email me at: Lyon at $100 plus S&H.

You can get a mousey-pad of it here:

And if you miss getting the original, you can get beautiful prints on either paper or canvas, framed or unframed, (starting at $104) here


Painting #6: Puerto Vallarta Umbrella

Artists for a Pristine Planet

Puerto Vallarta Umbrell: Painting #6

This is kind of an odd bird – I almost threw out the photo I used for reference for this piece as I went through my photogrpahs after I got home from Mexico because it was so fuzzy.

But after looking at it more, I decided it was kind of neat and thought I’d paint it, instead.

I love how the pinkish ‘auras’ around the people get kind of shmooshed into the layers of the sunset – that was how they really looked.

It had been a very hot, dusty day, and there was no breeze. Everyone and his left brother was on the beach, trying to cool down, waiting for the evening breeze, enjoying each others’ company as the sun slipped into the rosy sea.

Get the 9″ x 12″ original:
Just email Lyon at and request it! $100 plus S&H.

Get a print here: starting at $104.


San Blas Shallows: Prep to Final

Here are some more images of how I prepare the undercoats in my paintings. You can see how the underpainting will sometimes look absolutely nothing like the final image! Here’s the first under layer:

Artists for a Pristine Planet

And here is the second underlying color coat:

Artists for A Pristine Planet

And here is the finished painting:

Artists for A Pristine Planet

San Blas Ripples: Final

SOLD. San Blas Ripples

Now that I have finished San Blas Ripples, you can compare the undercoats (last post) to the final – quite a difference! This was a really difficult piece – I had the sky dark, light, blue, greenish-yellow, and finally, dawn yellow.

The ripples are more pink in the tweaked image in the last post, but in reality, they looked more like the painting because the beach sand was a dark, almost brown yellow rather than the white sand we have here in Hawaii, and both the sand and the outer rocks reflected the pinkish light of the dawn as the water and tops of the ripples reflected the yellows.

The other part that was hard was representing the little ripple of water that surges over the shallows – not making it look like surf. The surf is to the top of the piece. coming from the end of the rocks in the jetty. The little bubbly surges are in reality no more than 2″ deep!

Here’s the final:

Artists for A Pristine Planet

Getting Prepped to Paint

I thought you might like to see a bit of the process I go through when I’m making these paintings.

First I take the image of the scene that I want to paint and tweak it in Photoshop so the colors really pop. Here’s an example of one I’ll be doing this week. I took a picture of the scene, which was in the usual sandy-brown and silvery blues of this particular place, and changed them to popping colors. Like this:

Artist for A Pristine Planet

Now I make a printout of this to use as reference. Then I draw out the main lines that define where I’ll lay in color.

Next I do a preliminary color value sketch in white and browns (see below).

This helps me determine placement of objects, shading, tones of dark and light, and where I want to emphasize light.

Here’s what the brown and white study looks like – you can see how I have changed the placement of the main elements and started working in a bit of magenta and light blue. (Now you can see how funky the paintings are when I first start them off!)

Artists for A Pristine Planet

A study like this also helps you if you have “blank canvas fear” (which I don’t, because when I prepare my canvasses, I paint them with a brown-tinted gesso).

Many people get freaked out by the white canvas and consider it intimidating – kind of like writing a book and looking  at the pile of blank white sheets sitting in front of you!

I’ll tell you more soon.

Painting #3: Afternoon Cedars

Artists for A Pristine PlanetTITLE: Afternoon Cedars: I believe this image was taken in Carmel, California, but am not sure – people send me images they like and don’t tell me where they are!

Although I am usually a globby painter, this one is fairly smooth, esp. since it is painted on archival (long-lasting) board.

This was a really challenging image because there is so much sky, and the mountains so low and soft.

Usually I bring the eye up from the left side of the painting and over the top by using a hill or mountain on the left that moves upwards. But this time I had to do it using a slightly darker shade of blue for the upper left-nad part of the sky since the mountains were so flat.

This painting was done in acrylics on archival (long-lasting without yellowing or pitting) paper board, so it has a very smooth surface – no canvas texture. It’s mounted on wooden stretchers for increased support and rigidity.

You can get this original painting for just $100 by emailing me at Lyon (at) with ‘APP Two Heads’ in the subject line. First one to email me gets it. I’ll email you back letting you know what to do next!

You can get a print of it HERE starting at $104 if you miss getting the original.

Painting #2: Two Heads Better Than One

Artist for A Pristine PlanetTITLE: Two Heads Better Than One

Someone sent me this image – I have no idea where it is. If you know, I’d love to hear from you!

I just really liked how the headlands jut out into the crystal blue waters and the red colors in the cliffs.

The painting has paint bumps all through it, as I’m a globby painter!

The size of the canvas is actually 10″ x 14″, so someone is going to get a great deal on this one! The usual size I’m working with for this project is 9″ x 12″. Otherwise I’d be going nutso with how much I’d have to paint each day! It’s been awesome practice.

Here’s how you can get the original of the painting: email me at this address:
Lyon (at) with ‘APP Two Heads‘ in the subject line. First one to email me gets it. I’ll email you back letting you know what to do next!

If you miss getting the original, you can get a print of this image HERE starting at $104.00.

Painting #1: Kailua Beach

Artists for A Pristine PlanetSOLD! This is the first painting: The TITLE: Kailua Beach.

This beach is on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, and is one of my all-time favorites.

If you like this one and missed getting it, you can get a print of this image HERE.

Prints start at $104.

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