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Fly Free from Normal: Painting #61!

Artists for A Pristine PlanetSOLD. Fly Free from Normal: Painting #60!

Isn’t it amazing how normal we’re expected to act?

There isn’t an average human being on the planet, yet we are measured by this norm and that norm all the time!

Isn’t it Time we all flew free of trying to play small and normal and safe, and took on Artists for A Pristine Planetour grand, powerful, lovely huge selves?

What potential we all have!

Yet how many people go to the grave with theirs?

That beautiful Potential, buried at age 5, never to come out again – sad, unfulfilled, unblossomed.

What are you doing in your life to bring out, nurture and let your own beautiful potential blossom?

Did you miss getting the original of Fly Free from Normal?

You can get a fantastic, high-quality print, on paper or canvas (giclée) framed or unframed, of Fly Free from Normal here:

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Red Night: Painting #48

Artists for A Pristine PlanetRed Night: Painting #48.

What happens when you hate what you painted and start to paint over it? Sometimes it gets better than it was in the first place.

That’s what happened today. I felt like a mush head all day – by Friday, if I’ve been going over my limit of an hour or an hour and a half for a painting – like I have this week! – I end up exhausted.

I started to paint a rag-tag combo of Rousseau-like elements, and got about half done and hated it.

Artists for A Pristine PlanetSo I painted it yellow, and then a coat of magenta…and all of a sudden, the mood shifted…it was sweet…and I liked it!

So I added a few more elements and presto, it was done! I like it much better than the painting I had planned, too!

Here’s what the pillow looks like, and the painting is shown here in a frame for illustration purposes only – frame NOT included.

This one was painted in acrylics on heavy watercolor paper mounted on a 12″ x 9″ canvas.

ORIGINAL: Get the 12″ x 9″ original acrylic on canvas painting of Red Night: email Lyon at and let me know you want it.

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Painting #12: Moonlight

Artists for A Pristine PlanetPainting #12: TITLE: Moonlight.

One night recently the moon was full as a pumpkin, and I went down to the bench overlooking the canal near my house to just sit and look.

There’s a family of ducks who live nearby, and as I came closer, they up and swam off. This is the effect of their sassy departure. I sure like how it came out (look closely at the left side, as the dark blues are very dark and hard to see unless you look at the enlarged image).

To get this original painting for only $100, email me at this address: Lyon(at) with APP Moonlight in the subject line.

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