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Painting #11: Mataura River Winter

Artist for A Pristine PlanetMataura River Winter. This is the view of the Mataura River from about a block away from the old church in in Gore, New Zealand, where I spent a year and a half as Artist in Residence.

This river is purported to have the best fly-fishing in the world, especially upon the hatching of the May Fly – people come from all over the world for this brief (3 or 4-day) event!

The clouds and the water in this painting were a bear – they look so simple, don’t they? But nooo – it took way longer than I thought it would to really catch the right color and movement!

To get this original painting for a mere hundred bucks, I invite you to send me an email at Lyon at with APP Mataura in the subject line.

Remember, my paintings usually sell for way more than this – I’m raising money to help organizations clean up our water bottle mess, that’s why the paintings are so inexpensive. This is a way for you to support a great endeavor and get some great art for your home or office in the bargain!

Get a mousey-pad of Mataura River Winter here:, or a quality print on paper or canvas (starting at about $102) here:


Painting #4: Sunset Estuary

Artists for A Pristine PlanetTITLE: Sunset Estuary

This is the view of the mouth of the estuary at a tiny little hamlet named Punawea in New Zealand.

I spent a year and a half in Gore on the South Island as Artist-in-Residence, and a friend took me and a bunch of others for a glorious weekend to her batch (beach ouse) in Punawea.

Such good people, such good fun!

When I took my kayak out to the mouth of the water, there were the most enormous seals lying about on the beach.

As I was paddling along, I heard this kind of wet snuffy sound, and looked back to see one of the about 5 feet behind me and closing fast. It didn’t look particularly pleased, so you can just imagine how fast I paddled to the beach!

This painting was done in acrylics on archival (long-lasting without yellowing or pitting) paper board, so it has a very smooth surface – no canvas texture. It’s mounted on wooden stretchers for increased support and rigidity.

You can get the original of the painting by emailing me at Lyon (at) with ‘APP Two Heads’ in the subject line. First one to email me gets it. I’ll email you back letting you know what to do next!

I also loaded it to the print site HERE, where you can get a great quality print on canvas (giclee) or paper (framed print or poster) for starting at  $104.

The words that show in this image as a watermark are NOT on the original!

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