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Sunup Over Kailua: Painting #68!

Sunup Over Kailua: Painting #68! When I sailed from Kauai to California a long time ago, one of the things that blew me away the most was how dawn looked over a glassy-surfaced ocean.

The horizon practically disappeared, the water reflected the sky making the world into soft cotton candy with streaks of light blue and lavender – a delicious dream!

Sunup over Kailua looks like that, too, sometimes – and you can see the end of the point going out past Kaneohe there on the left. This is a very heavily textured painting.

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I just got a box in the mail today with some of the journals, mousey pads and pillows, and boy am I pleased. They look beaituful! It’s going to be hard to sell them – I want them all. At least I know I can order more!

Painting #17: Mellow Morning

Artists for A Pristine Planet

SOLD. Painting #17: TITLE: Mellow Morning. Some mornings here are so sweet – I love walking on the wet sand, seeing how impermanent my path upon the earth is – even compared to the real impact I and my doings might have. I think about how I could easily be an isolated artist, hiding in my studio – I did for years, you know! But I believe now that it’s more important to get out and speak up for what you’re passionate about.

Times have changed radically, and because of increased communications and technology, we have opportunites to create and amazing options we never had before. It’s time to creep out of that hidey hole and take your passion for a walk – a long, beautiful one!

Boy did I have a hard time getting the right blues in this online image – it just won’t translate all the way how rich those blues are. Ah well. Frustrating.

The original is SOLD! Thank you!

If you missed getting the original, you can get a print of this image starting at $104.00:

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