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Tall Poppy Syndrome: Painting #60!

Artists for A Pristine PlanetTall Poppy Syndrome: Painting #60!

Now this may be one of my biggest Pet Peeves: being cut down for individuality or excellence in order to maintain the societal or cultural status quo.

Here in the US, we are constantly admonished to excel, be yourself, live your dream – yet many times when we do, we are cut down, scolded, shamed, embarrassed for sticking out, and in general whittled down “to size.”

I first heard the expression, tall poppy syndrome when I was in New Zealand.

I heard someone talking about how an Olympic athlete had won a silver medal – good for her country and all – and then she criticized the winner for how she comported herself during the ceremony. Rah, rah, our country (whatever country it might be), we got the silver – but then cut down the winner? Wow. Pretty nasty!

But don’t we see instances of that everywhere?

Girls trying to look dumb in junior high so the boys will like them because they’re not smarter than the boys are – people laughing when they see gurus of any kind blowing it – why do we feel we have to do that?

How about where you live?

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