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Painting #20: Blue Moon Dreams

Artists for A Pristine Planet

SOLD. Painting #20: TITLE: Blue Moon Dreams. I found the photo that inspired this image in a tiny clipping in a newspaper about 3 years ago that I kept hanging onto because I just loved her face – so serene and soft. It reminds me of seeing really good hula dancers in the thrall of the dance – their hands vibrate and you can see they’re in a whole nother place.

You can get a mousey-pad of Blue Moon Dreams here:

Did you miss getting the original? Get a giclée print (a giclée is a high-quality print on canvas – you almost can’t tell the difference between it and the original) here The image you see here is a bit darker than the actual painting.

Painting #19: Out My Door

Artists for A Pristine Planet

SOLD. Painting #18: TITLE: Out My Door. This is what I see when I look out my door from my office. I keep the door open at all times so I can see my tiny little lanai – the sun is too intense there to sit for any length of time, so I filled it up with my little green friends.

Maybe you’ll recognize the birds-nest fern leaf on the left, the star-shaped sweet potato leaves and the lovely coral-red hibiscus.  I really love the contrast between the coral of the hibiscus and the gem-green of the leaves. And those little pinkish-lavender spots at impatiens and begonias peeking through here and there in the shadows.

Someone asked me the other day if I had painted all the images you see here. Yep, I did.

Get a mousey-pad of it here: Out-My-Door-MP, and get high quality prints in different sizes (starting at $104) here Out-My-Door-Prints. The image you see here is a darker than the actual painting.


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