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GMO Tomfoolery: Painting #40

Artists for A Pristine PlanetGMO Tomfoolery: Painting #40 I found out about how tomatoes were being modified with flounder genes about ten years ago. It made me wonder how dangerous that would be for someone with allergies to seafood.

Now when I go shopping, all I see are pathetic, grey-pale-pinkish tomatoes that look like they faded on the vine. They’re hardy and last a long time without rotting, I can testify to that – but they have no more taste than pink cardboard.

What’s worse is that people actually buy them and eat them (pleagh!). Have we forgotten what real food used to taste like? That tomatoes are supposed to be soft, and have deep red insides – and be mouth-watering delicious? (Can you tell a tomato lover when you hear one?)

ORIGINAL: Get the 12″ x 9″ original acrylic painting and hang it in your kitchen! email Lyon at and let me know you want it.

And if you miss getting the original of GMO Tomfoolery, get a fantastic, high-quality print of it here can also see the printed words better on the print site – there is an enlargement function you can use to read it all. Very cool.

And just so you know this, the red in this image is not as deep and dark and delicious as the actual painting – no matter how I tried, I just couldn’t get the color to translate when I scanned it. Think beefsteak tomato and you’ve got it –


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