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The Village and the Sea – A New Agreement? Painting #47

Artists for A Pristine PlanetThe Village and the Sea – A New Agreement? Painting #47.

Chagall was an amazing painter. I always liked his stained-glass-like colors, but until I tried actually painting like him, I never realized how masterful he was.

In his original painting (posted below), called “the Village and I”, he uses various devices to pull you in and literally guide your eye as he wants you to see the story.

My guiding lines are more blatant than his, but that’s OK. It still works. You can see the sacred spiral that starts at the top right with the village.

Under that, you’ll see what looks like the grim reaper and a women holding something.

I never saw it before, but she’s holding a line like a string that goes from the fish’s eye to the human’s and then to herself.

In Chagall’s version, the string is attached to a cow, perhaps signifying the village’s interdependence with the animals and other critters the village ate and produced, and the animals who depended on the humans to keep safe from wild animals and weather.

Artists for A Pristine PlanetHe has a farmer stepping over that line, going out to the fields to reap the harvest. In my version, I wanted it to look like the Reaper will cut that connecting line if we don’t make an agreement soon, and take action to keep the seas safe.

Now you follow that spiral line down to the fish – the Spokes-Fish for the seas? – with the red moon under it – bloody with the death of the ocean creatures? Red for rebirth? The red crescent moon for wild, powerful women who are taking action now more than ever to help the planet? Maybe all three….

Now you get to the human, whose mouth is within the inner circle with the fish’s – communication? Their eyes are certainly targeted on each other’s. Then the posey and the background red of life-beginnings, regeneration, life.

The human is green, which I don’t have to say much about, since green seems to be such a buzz-word now; and is offering a posey – hopefully a peace offering and sign of intention for husbandry. It’s within a special triangular shape, perhaps a wedge opening a new space for future possibilities with the inner circle.

I really liked it that Chagall added such whimsical touches as the necklaces and the rick-rack design on the hat, as well as the odd configuration of the human’s eyeball – almost looks like an old rotary phone. Hard to believe that his painting was done almost exactly 100 years ago!

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Painting #24: Body Surfing with My Buddies

Painting #24: TITLE: Body Surfing with My Buddies.

Last night a friend and I sat in his studio looking at hundreds of paintings, fantastic sci-fi computer art and highly stylized cartoons by other artists.

It was like I’d been hit with a huge high-amp jolt – I suddenly realized that I’d been being way too serious!

So I asked myself what I’d like to do today – oh yeah! Body surf!

OK then – here we go – and remember to look down to see who you’re surfing with!

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