International Coastal Clean Ups Near You….

Artists for A Pristine PlanetAs A volunteer (organizations and individuals) you can join the international Coastal Cleanups to keep our beaches clean.

By doing this, we minimize the amount of trash swept from our coastlines, as these will ultimately end up in the Pacific Garbage Patch.

Many volunteers walk, while other set out on boats or don scuba gear to remove garbage from below the ocean’s surface.

This is the perfect opportunity to do YOUR bit, as people from all ages and walks of life come together for a common goal: to rid our oceans of garbage.

The coastal clean up of 2009 collected 1.1 million plastic bags, and enough cups, plates, knives and forks for a picnic for 100,000 people!

We – you and I – are responsible for the garbage currently floating around in our oceans, and every single bottle or bag we negligently throw away will have a negative impact on our environment.

By joining a Coastal Clean Up, we can prevent that, help clean up what we’ve already messed up, and maybe even provide a pollution-free planet for the next generation. What beaches and waterways are near you that you can spend a couple hours helping to clean every so often?

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