I Missed You, Painting #38

Artists for A Pristine PlanetI Missed You, Painting #38.

I recently saw a photo of a polar bear playing with some huskies at a winter camp.

It was so cool to see how the dogs allowed Big Bear to play gently with them.

It made me think of how we could do the same with our Inner Bears and Tigers and Lions – welcome them, hug them and make them feel at home.

Maybe that way they’d feel more appreciated, and come out only when appropriate, instead of leaking out at times when they really ought to stay in the background.

Once a well-known ‘spiritual guru’ told me that ‘we only have 3 spirit guides,” and I watched as the legions of angels I was accustomed to having with me disappeared.

The Head Angel came to me and said, “Angela, why do you allow him to create your reality for you? We’ll be here as long as you live and beyond. Ask us to come back, and we will.” I did, and they did. Fooey on people who try to tell me what kind and how many guides I have!

Want the original of I Missed You? You can get the original: just send an email to Lyon at AngelaTreatLyon.com and let me know you want it.

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