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IMPORTANT CORRECTION: You’ll read on a lot of the entries earlier than Oct. 2010 that you can get my originals through my site. This is no longer a viable option, as I have closed my Etsy store.

So to get an original, all you need to do is email me at Lyon (at) or Lyon (at) and ask if the painting is still around. If it is, you can get it right away.

Most of them are 9″ x 11″, and are only $100 each. A flat rate of $25 is charged for S&H (within the US – it’s more if outside the US). How easy is that?

If the orginal is gone, you can get a really excellent print at my print site, HERE. You’ll see a complete range of print options – from unframed to framed, paper or canvas, or even greeting cards, and in many sizes. All you’ll need to do is choose which piece you want, make your choices as to paper or canvas, size, etc.. And, your credit card payments are run on a secure server. Your print will come to you in the mail within 2 weeks – sometimes shorter.

You can even get prints of some of my sculpture work – they’re pretty outstanding looking (not too proud of how those look, are we Angela?!? You bet!).

The very cool thing about the print site is that even if you feel like an original is out of your reach – whether one of these little ones ($100) or one of my bigger ones (see a full range of my paintings and sculpture here:, a print is eminently really doable. The greeting cards are really outstanding – the paper is heavier than you can get at any greeting card store, with very fine printing in brilliant color.

Another option is to get journals, bags, pillows, mousie pads and other goodies at my merch store – I have a couple of the pillows and really love them, and I use the journals and mousie pads as gifts to friends. This is where to get those:

Have at it! I hope you enjoy your stay here – and thanks for your interest.

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