Brain Storming: Painting #57

Artists for A Pristine PlanetBrain Storming: Painting #57!

I just couldn’t resist!

Every time I hear the words, ‘Brain Storming,’ I think of this image – and have, for years!

Why do we think we have to be so darn serious all the time?

Let’s use our words to make some fun in our lives!

I’m showing it here as if it were framed – frame is NOT included. Looks great, doesn’t it? I love that gold frame! No simple black or silver for this painting!
Artists for A Pristine Planet
PRINTS & GICLEES: If you miss getting the original of Brain Storming, get a fantastic, high-quality print of it here:

JOURNALS: Get a great blank-paged Brain Storming Journal here:

MOUSEY PADS: Here’s where to find a gorgeous, gem colored Brain Storming mousey-pad:

PILLOWS: Want a beautiful, comfy Brain Storming Throw Pillow?

ORIGINAL: You can get the 12″ x 9″ original acrylic on canvas painting of Brain Storming by emailing me at Lyon at


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One Response to “Brain Storming: Painting #57”

  1. LOL – now this is funny!!!!

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