26 Out of 100….Update 08.10.10

I didn’t know, stepping into this project, how very much work it would be. I thought oh, paint a new painting each day and post it to FB, big deal. To say the least, it’s been educational and elevating all the same.

As I keep researching about plastic in our oceans, I’m finding out some pretty shocking facts about our rampant consumerism.

FOR EXAMPLE: we the people of the USA throw away 85 MILLION plastic drinking water bottles – every DAY!

Ouch. I can’t even imagine that many things, much less that many every day, and much less throwing them out. Where do they all go? What happens to them? (Want to know? Watch the cool video called the Story of Water at storyofstuff.org.)

Out of the 22 created, I’ve sold 25% of the paintings already (Woohoo! Even one to my brother!), and have been able to make some nice donations to my favorite action-taker company, The Story of Stuff, which produces the most interesting, engaging and entertaining videos that help people find out what’s going on.

At first when I thought this project up,

I thought I’d better write a biz plan, a marketing plan, a this and a that. But I decided to just jump in feet first and let my passion for clean oceans, waterways  and beaches rock me and lead me where it would.

I discovered that that was OK, because I know how to apply the spiritual marketing principles I’ve learned over the past few years. That’s what takes the time – painting is only about one-third.

The rest is writing articles, posting to FB, Twitter, my art-store websites and keeping up with the chronicle I’m creating. Frankly, I never knew marketing could be so much fun!

THE VERY BEST THING about it all has been being totally able to live inside my passion, skills and talents, and doing what I want, when I want. I’ve become really comfortable talking to people with all the passion and intent I feel – without anyone backing away shaking their heads thinking I’m ‘too much’, obnoxious or insane. That’s what used to happen to me, but not anymore. The past few years’ online marketing experience has really paid off well.

I hope you’ll take heart and look at what you do that you adore doing and decide to drop the distractions that keep you from it. Go for it and let it build itself into a lovely, love-filled creation where you feel good about you and what you do, do good, help others and feel really, really good. It’s a grand cycle!

Remember I love you –
aloha –

p.s. Several of you have been really helpful with your really amazing ideas and suggestions – know that I appreciate you so much – you know who you are! Thanks for helping and supporting me so beautifully.


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