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Haleakala Dawn: Painting #67

Artists for A Pristine PlanetSOLD. Haleakala Dawn: Painting #67! A way long time ago, I spent a month at a fellow artist’s beautiful place on Maui near Wailuku. Every day I’d hike to the top of the hill looking towards Haleakala, the dormant volcano.

On this morning, there was a heavy mist over the mountain and you couldn’t see the peak, but the colors were opal-spectacular.

This painting doesn’t even begin to capture it, but will have to do….and the actual painting is less harsh than this looks – I just couldn’t get it where I wanted it. Those light colors are a bear to catch –

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Painting #6: Puerto Vallarta Umbrella

Artists for a Pristine Planet

Puerto Vallarta Umbrell: Painting #6

This is kind of an odd bird – I almost threw out the photo I used for reference for this piece as I went through my photogrpahs after I got home from Mexico because it was so fuzzy.

But after looking at it more, I decided it was kind of neat and thought I’d paint it, instead.

I love how the pinkish ‘auras’ around the people get kind of shmooshed into the layers of the sunset – that was how they really looked.

It had been a very hot, dusty day, and there was no breeze. Everyone and his left brother was on the beach, trying to cool down, waiting for the evening breeze, enjoying each others’ company as the sun slipped into the rosy sea.

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