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Learning to Love Myself: Painting #36

Artists for A Pristine PlanetSOLD. Painting #36: TITLE: Learning to Love Myself. How many times, as a coach, have I heard people tell me, “I want to get rid of my anger/fear/sadness/doubt”?

I wish I had a buck for each time – I’d be a millionaire plus! But our shadows are as valuable as our light! What if we loved our shadows as much as our brilliance?

All we need to do is stop resisting, and turn to the sun of our highest being, and the shadow drops back into its proper place. Good to get to know it, but not let it control us.

Artists for A Pristine PlanetIf you missed getting the orginal, you can get posters, greeting cards or really beautiful prints on paper of Learning to Love Myself here:

Or maybe you want a bigger canvas – you can get a print on canvas (called a giclee) that is up to 36″ x 48″ at the same site. Indulge!

Don’t have room for a painting or print? This would make a great gift. I invite you to get a beautiful Mousey Pad of it here:

And I liked this one so much I made a pillow out of it – this would be a great pillow for coaches and therapists! LOL – Here’s where to get one:


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