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26 Out of 100….Update 08.10.10

I didn’t know, stepping into this project, how very much work it would be. I thought oh, paint a new painting each day and post it to FB, big deal. To say the least, it’s been educational and elevating all the same.

As I keep researching about plastic in our oceans, I’m finding out some pretty shocking facts about our rampant consumerism.

FOR EXAMPLE: we the people of the USA throw away 85 MILLION plastic drinking water bottles – every DAY!

Ouch. I can’t even imagine that many things, much less that many every day, and much less throwing them out. Where do they all go? What happens to them? (Want to know? Watch the cool video called the Story of Water at

Out of the 22 created, I’ve sold 25% of the paintings already (Woohoo! Even one to my brother!), and have been able to make some nice donations to my favorite action-taker company, The Story of Stuff, which produces the most interesting, engaging and entertaining videos that help people find out what’s going on.

At first when I thought this project up,

Painting #26: Raven Holds Me When I Weep

Artists for A Pristine PlanetPainting #26: TITLE: Raven Holds Me When I Weep

This image as a take-off from a painting I did in the late 90s.

I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico, living in my car with my dog (in the dead of winter at 7000 feet).

I was freezing my patooties off, and yet I had this dream where, no matter how miserable I felt, how broke I was, how cold I was, Raven was there to hold and comfort me.

And not only that, but the love Raven had for me radiated out and out and out into the entire cosmos. I had this dream many times that winter, even after I had found a studio to live in. I felt very blessed.

Want the original of Raven Holds Me When I Weep?

Get your original: Email me at Lyon(at) with APP RAVEN in the subject line to get this one.

And if you miss getting the original, get a giclee print (a giclee is a high-quality print on canvas – so good you almost can’t tell the difference between it and the original) here

You can get a gorgeous, gem colored mousey-pad of Raven Holds Me When I Weep here:

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